About Shirle and Creativity

Life is always changing and so is creativity.  I started out with simple pen and ink sketches of    botanicals…very nice, but then I wanted to put little washes of color on them so I bought watercolors.  Then there was a little experimenting with traditional acrylics and even a foray into oils but my wardrobe couldn’t take the stress of that.  Finally I took a few years of watercolor classes and I was hooked.  For many years I was a watercolor purist with some variation of gluing rice paper pieces onto the watercolor paper before beginning to paint.  Somewhere along the way change kicked in.  I discovered the saturated, dense color of pastel,  thin layers of acrylic that could almost mimic watercolor, the excitement of  collage on paper and fabric…and making art with items the rest of the world  would call junk.

Click on any of the headings at the top to see all the artwork in those categories I have on this site.  Click on the My Favorite Painting images for an enlarged view of those.

I’m only occasionally making visual art at this point in my life but I’m am practicing my creativity using  words and ideas about Finding Faith in Daily Life  at another site. – readandponder. I hope you’ll take a look at that too.  Thanks, Shirle


Creativity, Art and Change