The 20 Minute Drawing

10 Scribbled NestIn April the three of us {Judith Bergerson, Ronnie Offen and I] began our second year of weekly drawings.   This is week 10.  We added some specific ideas this year that we could optionally choose to do.  Ronnie was the first to boldly go where no [wo]man has gone before with her 20 minute drawing.  Then this week Judy followed suit with her drawing.  I’m not sure whether I just didn’t want to be left out  but I found some courage in not being alone and decided I’d use that dreaded 20 minutes too this week.

My nestI had a simple plan look for the scribbliest ? thing I could find in my house to draw. I knew that was my only hope with that 20 minute deadlline.   That’s just what I did, scribble my table top bird’s nest.  Honest, no baby birds were harmed, those are just Fimo bird eggs I made.



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