About Shirle

Shirle 2015Life is always changing and so is creativity.  I started out with pen and ink sketches of    botanicals…
nice, but then I wanted to put little washes of color on them so I bought watercolors.  Then there was a little experimenting with acrylics on canvas…and even a foray into oils but my wardrobe couldn’t take the stress of that.  Finally I took a few years of watercolor classes and I was hooked.  For many years I was a watercolor purist with a sometimes variation of using matte medium and lace rice papers to texture the paper before beginning to paint.

But somewhere along the way change kicked in.  I discovered the saturated, dense color of pastel…AND the versatility of acrylic with thin layers… AND the excitement of creating collage on paper and on fabric… AND making art with items the rest of the world (including my husband) would call junk.  You can see now why my husband coined the quotable saying anyone who either does art or lives with an artist can smile at “When you’re an artist you have to spend money to lose money.”

I’m still being challenged, frustrated and exhilarated by creativity and its options though I don’t really consider myself a working artist anymore.  Nowadays it may be taking old pieces of my art and recycling then into a new collage, creating a group art project for a church event, using the computer to design and print things for collages, special custom greeting cards (there’s the challenge and frustration I mentioned), learning how to manage new Apple devices, and sharing with others the contemplative process of knitting Shawls to give away.   I spend much of my day in creative designing whether with writing,  art supplies, the computer, yarn. or even a screw gun and drill.

As far as change goes getting old tops the list.  And since 2003 when we moved to Michigan we became seasonal nomads.  We spend the winter months living in a Fifth Wheel,  watching the weather on all those devices I mentioned and being glad we’re in Florida.

This year we threw in a new challenge, moving from Cheboygan, MI to Stugis, MI in several stages that lasted from late October to the beginning of December.  Life is still happening creatively and it’s good.


4 thoughts on “About Shirle”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful watercolor flowers. They spur me on as a beginner to try ! I too am a grey nomad [really still brunette with the help of the dye bottle} I live in Australia and caravan when not at home. cheers Rosemary

  2. Hi Shirle
    Your art looks fabulous! Miss you and your creativity.
    Say hello to Ken. The last time I saw you…..you were taking pictures at Andersen Iris Gardens!
    Mike Tauer

  3. Hi Shirle
    A voice from the past and the Iris Art Gallery. Great to see you are still doing wonderful images. A question: do you remember the name of the artist who did the Thanatopsis show at the Iris Art Gallery?
    Diane and Wayne Handlos

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