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ARTIST (ar'tist) n. One who practices the conception and execution of any creative art governed by imagination, style, and taste.

24 The Lavender Farm

IMG_3527There’s a great experience waiting for you if you get a chance to visit the Lavender Hill Farm in Boyne City, MI.   There are special days with events and tours  for groups.  They have some hands on activities, a taste testing of Lavender lemonade and shortbread plus a great store.  My visit was during harvest time, it’s a field trip worth taking!



Week 22 Drawing


Surprise.  It’s not that easy to make black paper from white.  I wanted to use colored pencil on black paper but it turns out I didn’t have enough patience or enough marker.  At some point I looked and decided what was there was interesting and I’d work with that.  I used a couple of templates, a Chinese white drawing pencil, the marker and a Pigma pen to finish the drawing.  It’s an exercise in creativity from the moment the marker first touched the paper until I declared it done.  Gee I wish my ruler wasn’t crooked though.  Must be the bifocals..

Week 17

MilkweedWhat a sense of accomplishment this drawing gave me today.  I still used every type of pencil I own, my new colored Pigma pens and even the Caran d’Ache Neo Color II crayons.  I scribbled those crayons heavily into a small place on a paper plate, then used a wet paintbrush to dissolve them so I could apply them to the drawing.   I actually could see that I had made progress in dealing with these different mediums.  It wasn’t until after I’d finished that I realized this was actually a “roots” drawing.  Beginnings

The India ink drawing at the left is one of the very first things I ever purposefully did as an artist way back in the 1980s.  Eventually I began to add loose watercolor washes over the drawing.  It was that simple beginning that makes this multi-medium process and progress so exciting to me today.


Week 15 Still Trying

IIMG_3297 had every pencil-shaped medium I own out and used most of them. I’ve owned these pens, pencils, Caran d’Ache crayons for a long time and never done much with them so this is really good for me to learn what they can and can’t do AND what I can and can’t do.

Makes for a lot of “tools” to put away!