Driftwood Cross

Driftwood Cross

This driftwood cross was a collaborative church effort.  Church members were encouraged to spend the month of August combing nearby beaches to Cheboygan, Michigan, primarily Lake Huron,  for driftwood and stones.  The purpose was not just fun and exercise but to think about the things of faith that had personal impact  in their lives as they gathered.

I had the privilege of creating and assembling the sculpture from the pieces they chose as well as an awareness what their gathering implied.  There was box upon box of driftwood pieces of all shapes and sizes and lo and behold some brave soul had picked up a fish skeleton.  Some of them I personally IMG_0438would never have considered choosing to work with…seeing them as “too this or that.”  It turns out that’s what made this artistic project amazing for me.   Standing there in my garage surrounded by saws, glue, a fish skeleton and a nail gun the creative “zone” happened.  I was both amazed and grateful to stand back from the finished cross and know that this beautiful 5′ tall sculpture was the result of a successful month-long  project much grander and with far more meaning than any one person could have  accomplished alone.

See some amazing wood collages by Native American George Morrison


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