Fabric n’ Roses

Art 167

This was my first attempt at adding fabric into a watercolor painting.  I’d just been to a quilt retreat and had all these pieces left to deal with when this idea hit.  The roses were drawn, painted and completely dry before the next step.   The quilt block pieces were smushed onto the watercolor paper with slightly thinned matte medium underneath them.   I spent a good bit of time cutting and fitting them as close to the image as possible and taking care to have no wrinkles.  I covered the area with plastic wrap and a board weighted down and then it sit for a day or so.  when that was completely dry a much thinner coat was lightly applied over the top of the fabric.   It worked because watercolors are always under glass so no worries about dirt or dust and the medium has no sheen so no more glare than the glass would normally give.  Another Fabric Feature.


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