Leap of Faith Project

This was a very special group event for families at church.  The image is the head of Adam from the Sistine Chapel.  It earned it’s name Leap of Faith, because that’s what it took to believe that the crazy shaped images on those squares would actually turn into an image. Each square was printed and given to a participant without them seeing what the finished image actually looked like.   All they knew was what they saw on their numbered page.  Each colorer was given three crayons, one each in a light, medium and dark value.  Sorry about the pale lines but that was done purposefully so that they were not the definition of the image, color was.   Their printout had an additional little square that showed them the placement of those values.  I had a grid on a board large enough to hold all the finished images. As their square was completed the “artist” cut it out and went to the board to place it in it’s numbered spot.  There was a lot of guessing going on when they looked at mysterious shapes on their own sheet and then more as the colored sheets began to go up on the board.

This was a labor-intense project to prepare. I was excited about this idea and that was good because, believe me I had to learn a lot about my computer and software to get these images just right so they would visually connect.  I got really good at tracing too. It was special to be the designer, then share in their excitement as they colored and guessed and finally we all got to enjoy the completed project displayed for everyone else to see.


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