Nativity Screen

Nativity Backdrop

Our oldest daughter spent several years in Rome, Italy and while there discovered Fontanini Nativity figures.  She bought them because her son was small and they’re indestructible so “hands on” was OK.   I built and painted her a backdrop screen for them.  I’d had the privilege of visiting the ruins of Lindisfarne Abbey on Holy Island in Scotland and those photos became the resource.  The screen had touches of 24k gold leaf and was a beautiful piece.   I liked it so much I made one for myself.   My screen has been  passed on to my second daughter  for her own Christmas display.

FYI: Holy Island is the only place in the world I know of that you drive across the ocean floor at low tide to get to.  I know from personal experience when the tide comes in – you’re stranded.  With any luck, though, you’ll come across the Lindisfarne Scriptorium and be invited in to see Mary Fleeson’s beautiful work and have a cup of tea to pass the time.  Bring your wallet!


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