Woven Landscape Triptych

WC Woven Triptych LandscapeWoven Landscape Triptych

The three painting margins are marked on a single sheet of paper with tape margins around and between.  Then the images are painted.  On a separate sheet of paper the same colors are randomly and abstractly swirled, dabbed, washed, sprayed and marked every which way with color, shapes, lines, values and edges but no specific image.  Then you wait until everything is bone dry.  That sheet of abstract marks is then cut into long strips of varying widths to be woven into each of the paintings separately.  The next part is the creative and the scary part.

The creative part begins with the choosing of the strip.   Lay it on the painting to select an area you want to weave it through.  The strip becomes the ruler for marking the top and bottom of the slits you’ll cut.  That’s the scary part.  However if you use a really sharp Exacto, you can repair the slit on the back if you need to.  The red dots on the detail show where this pTriptych detailainting was sliced.  No need for straight lines.   Make the slits and begin to weave the long strip through pulling the strip along while looking for some visually pleasing connection between the strip and the painting.  When you’re happy with your choice, trim the strip at the back of the painting on both ends leaving enough paper to add a dab of white glue.  The gluing can be done when you’ve got all your strips in place so you have options as you go of changing them out.


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